Dorimell Borders and George W. Axam





Dorimell Borders Axam, niece to Rev. William Holmes Borders Sr., was an outstanding person, singer, dancer, costume designer and seamstress. She served as CFO and Customer Service Representative for Total Dance/Dancical Productions, Inc. She spent countless Saturdays at the studio cooking meals and mentoring students, family and friends. April is our time to connect with you – our treasured sponsors – as we celebrate my mother, Dorimell Borders Axam (her birthday is April 28). She and my father, George W. Axam were stellar philanthropists and served the TDDP community with endless giving – which is why we are still here today.



Every dollar you give will be allocated for scholarships in dance, creative development, studio maintenance, artistic productions and other events. Help us continue the legacy with your sponsorship today.

Please take a few moments to send in your contribution today. You will receive recognition for your tax-deductible contribution.


Q: What are the benefits of a sponsor?

A: A significant impact in the community and in the artistic world to keep great programs alive at Dancical Productions, Inc.

We serviced thousands of people from all walks of life locally, nationally and internationally in fulfilling our mission. Your support helped to make this possible.



As sponsors you have been a major part of this artistic journey which reached the 35 year mark in 2020. Our mission is to train, produce and present technical and creative dancers, artists, performers and educators with a special emphasis on transformation, leadership and the celebration of African American culture while celebrating diversity.


George and Dorimell, my parents, and you, the supporters have made dreams come true and have helped to contribute to the artistic spirit in our time. I simply want to say thank you. We look forward to your continued contributions to keep the legacy alive.