2021 Mojah Conference
Registration Fees
$200.00 (Mojah Dance Theatre and Certification Participants)
$50.00 per Workshop – 6 Workshops
The Seminars are FREE!
Email dancicalprod@gmail.com for the Zoom link!
Seminar & Workshop Schedule
Monday 19th – 7pm Seminar – Dance of the African Diaspora
Guest Speaker – Kikora Franklin
Tuesday 20th – 7pm – Seminar – The Meaning of Traditional West African Dances – Guest Speaker – Kikora Franklin
Wednesday 21st – Mojah Tech. Taught by Ajile and Mojah Dance Theatre
Thursday 22nd – Mojah Tech. Taught by Dawn Axam and Axam Dance Theatre 
Friday 23rd – Mojah Tech. Taught by Kikora Franklin
Saturday 24th – Mojah Showing – 7pm

We appreciate your support as Mojah participants. The conference is costing a minimum of $5,000. We are asking that you donate to the Dormiell Borders and George W. Axam Foundation to help defray the cost. Your contribution to the conference will help us continue our artistic efforts.